Let's explore your compass!

Sometimes, rough seas can get you off course and change the destination. I help you to navigate through life’s challenges with Positive Psychology Coaching. Let us discover your potential and achieve your goals. You decide on the direction, the crew and the stopovers.

Let's explore your compass!

Sometimes, rough seas can get you off course and change the destination. I help you navigate through life’s challenges.

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Let us discover your potential and achieve your goals. You decide on the direction, the crew and the stopovers.


Tina Russell


Your voice is your potential - in every meeting, presentation, conversation - it defines who you are and who you want to be when in dialogue with others. Let's bring it to the next level and get the maximum out of it - to get more efficiency and impact.

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Do you know the feeling of "not being heard"? Your job is filled with situation like presenting, interviews, dialogue, moderating and you still get nervous before? Or you just need to "pimp your voice" to be more self-confident, powerful, relaxed and joyful?

However, a communication coaching can work on all these topics with a solution-focused approach, efficient and based on psychological studies and research. Want to know more about it? Just reach out e-mail or phone for a first get-to-know-session! Looking forward to hear from you!





Let's talk!

Struggling with the Corona pandemic situation? This crisis takes a huge toll on our physical and mental health. Don't suffer in silence. Get in touch for a Skype- or zoom-session, per phone or in person, for instant and long-term relief how to handle negative stress and emotions.

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With simple exercises based on Positive Psychology, you can learn how to manage negative stress. How about a short gratitude exercise?

Make yourself comfortable, take a notebook and pen, and write down every evening before you go to bed the the 3 things that you were grateful for today. Next to each thing you write down why you were grateful. This part is important as it shows how you are already taking responsibility for your own actions.

We sit down together and define strategies that you can purposefully try out on a daily basis – for a higher quality of life and inner calm.