Let's explore your compass!

Sometimes, rough seas can get you off course and change the destination. I help you to navigate through life’s challenges with Positive Psychology Coaching. Let us discover your potential and achieve your goals. You decide on the direction, the crew and the stopovers.

Let's explore your compass!

Sometimes, rough seas can get you off course and change the destination. I help you navigate through life’s challenges.

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Let us discover your potential and achieve your goals. You decide on the direction, the crew and the stopovers.


Tina Russell


Just arrived as an expat in Basel? Been here for a while? Been abroad before? About to move away? You have one thing in common.

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As an expat, you are out of your comfort zone. Making yourself a new home can be an adventure, filled with the joy of discovery.

However, culture shock, integration, identity and disorientation are real issues that can trigger challenging feelings. I offer cross-cultural coaching in German, English or French. We will find answers to these core questions:

  • Where do I belong?
  • How can I integrate into a community?
  • How do I find my way back to my culture?
  • How can I strengthen my anchors?




Coffee Break

Cosy against stress

Leaves and temperatures are falling, but your stress level is on the rise. It's almost end of year, winter starts and you feel stressed by everyone running around?

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With simple exercises based on Positive Psychology, you can learn how to manage negative stress. How about a short exercise?

Make yourself comfortable, take a notebook and pen, and write down an evaluation of your current eating, sleeping and movement behaviour. Do you sit a lot at a computer and in meetings? Do you eat quickly wherever you are? Do you drive home by car? In the evenings, are you exhausted but unable to go to sleep, as your brain is running at high speed? Many answers might already be right there.

  • fixed evening rituals, avoiding screens
  • read a book
  • 8 hours’ sleep
  • 30 min. of moderate exercise/day

We sit down together and define strategies that you can purposefully try out on a daily basis – for a higher quality of life and inner calm.